Adoption policies

New Mexico is a textbook adoption state.  The adoption schedule is not a purchasing requirement. Districts and charter schools have complete discretion over timing of their purchases. Core instructional materials and supplemental instructional materials are covered with in the policies with 12.5% of the allocation allowed for expenditures for classroom supplies and materials other than textbooks that are used by the teacher and/or the student to enhance student instruction and the classroom learning environment. This fund may be used to include instructional materials for tactile learning, enrichment activities, remediation instruction, and class projects, such as paper, art supplies, posters, charts, maps, textbook supplements, science supplies, math manipulatives, classroom libraries, etc. The state does not require a certain percentage of instructional materials in digital format. As well, the state does not require that review materials be provided in digital form.

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Adoption cycle

Device requirements

The state does not provide guidance for device purchasing by local districts.

Purchasing incentives

The state does not provide any guidelines/recommendations that encourage LEAs to purchase digital content with state or federal dollars set aside for textbooks.

State funding

State funds are not available to support the purchase of instructional materials.

Vetting process

The state has a selection rubric/process for vetting digital resources.

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Content creation support for teachers

The state does not have policies as related to educator support for effective use and/or creation of digital content.

Access outside of school

The state does not have policies or guidelines as related to provision of digital content for student and/or family use of digital content out of the classroom and/or at home.

Future plans

Digital content is not covered in the current textbook adoption definitions and requirements and is not under consideration.